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About Favo

FAVO will cater to the growing international taste for Pasta, as the average Indian calibrates his food related purchase choices with his disposable income, busy lifestyle, convenience, ready availability, brand awareness and service quality.With our commitment to Excel, we at FAVO, guarantee the 100% quality and nutrient value of our products, which is ensured by our state of the art technology and processes, brought to you from Italy, together with our quality control team, who work 24 X 7 to deliver the Product you want to consume. The plant is PLC controlled and fully automated, requiring no human intervention, till it is packed.With ambitious plans to expand and penetrate various competitive markets in India & internationally, FAVO is looking at a sound distributor model to realize its grand vision.

From the farmer hands

At FAVO, we control the quality of the final output, from the fields where the raw-material is acquired. This is done by procurement of the wheat directly from farmers across the nation by the company itself at fair prices. This ensures that the right interest of the farmer is also kept in mind. Also FAVO exercises optimum quality control by doing so and then processing the wheat to produce semolina, the most important ingredient in pasta manufacturing. The wheat is processed in our very own state of the art flour mills.Hence, at FAVO we ensure optimum quality of the Pasta, as we are involved at every step of its manufacturing, i.e. from the farm land to the finished packed and sealed Product.