Mission & Vision
FAVO’s aim is to strategically position itself among the most admired national and global markets and distributors of food and agricultural products in the world and to meet the various needs of the consumer every day by marketing and selling food of a consistently high quality, making cooking easier, healthier and a more enjoyable part of everyday life. We also aim at manufacturing our goods and ensuring our processes are environment friendly. Mutual benefit, harmonious and excellent relations between the company, its employees, channel partners and end users is what we aspire for daily. FAVO also aims at highest standards to cater to the ever-changing taste of our customers and deliver food of desired nutrient value, catering to the health concerns of all.

At FAVO, our vision is to continuously:
• Create value for both the producers (farmers) and consumers of our products and services, serve the national needs of local and global communities,and grow responsibly by fostering and focusing on our platform of corporate social responsibility.
• Become world leaders in trust, taste and nutrition value of our foods
• Operate the business model on a strong value system, based on industry accepted ethics in policies and practices.
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